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> While Napster and the iPod have crushed CD sales

yeah.... it's the fault of downloading for free. that's why when napster was 
free and at its peak, eminem and britney were selling a million copies of an 
album in a single week.. 

>> the enjoyment of live or recorded music has
>> never been more popular, as evidenced by shows such as "American Idol"
>> and the record concert sell-outs of Disney artists Hannah Montana and The 
>> Brothers.

or, you can purchase a ticket to a club gig by a rather obscure band playing 
real rock n' roll using real rock n' roll instruments, not to mention, the 
tickets are extremely cheap and are least likely to show up on ebay and/or 
scalped for twice as much as the face value price, plus, much like the scalpers, 
radio stations and brokers won't be grabbing all the good seats. 

OR.. stay at home and listen to "Little steven's underground garage" and get 
yer head out of that thundercloud that is "american idol", hannah montana and 
the Jonas brothers. 

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