"20 bad songs by good bands"

Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Wed Jul 16 21:30:20 CDT 2008

> From: "John" <pureneasy at tiscali.co.uk>
> Date: July 15, 2008 12:55:17 PM CDT
> If it had been any other Who song, would you have been so  
> disappointed? I
> mean, for me, if it had been Love ain't for keeping, I would have  
> heartily
> approved.

Aw...I can get along with that one OK.  But I suppose it's a good  
thing that for almost every song on that list, I had either never  
heard of it, or I agreed that it sucked.  The only disagreements I  
had were "Who Are You" (really not one of my favorites, but I would  
never say that it sucked.  I do think it's interesting the dude  
figured out that "who" is repeated more than 100 times...) and  
"Kokomo", which I love.  I like "Rapture" OK, but I can see how it  
would drive someone crazy.

Alan McKendree
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