the lead up to "rock honors"

Wed Jul 16 12:46:51 CDT 2008

VH1 classic has been airing brief interview segments during their programming 
with some of the show's participants 9caught the end of one with wayne from 
the flaming Lips and my mother saw one with tenacious D) and I got to see like, 
a 15-minute segment with pete and roger in which they spoke a bit about 
politics, the tour coming up being a lead up to a charity gig for michael J. fox 
(might be the two gigs @ nokia in L.A. they spoke about that they promised 
michael a few years back to do a charity gig for mike's parkinson's organization 
but never got round to it until now. and pete spoke about ricky nelson's brother 
who's a friend of his that he's a musician and a photographer who is 
afflicted with the disease and mentioned his father in law dying from it), the 
proceeds from the "rock honors" tickets going to pete's double-O charity and the 
teenage cancer trust, and a rather funny incident during the interview happened in 
which roger's cell phone went off. pete making remarks like, "oh, it's that 
russian bird, innit?" rog didn't answer it.   roger with a cell phone.....I 
KNOW!    they've also been showing two "news flashes" in which they show clips 
from the show, along with footage from some L.A. happenings in which the "rock 
honors" played a huge part, including who karaoke where I saw some woman hold 
up a mask with roger's 75-era face on it.   also saw grace slick in there 

plus, mentioned that after the "rock honors" broadcast thursday to 
visit the site and catch who songs that will not air on TV.  I guess the other 
acts' two numbers will stay intact.   plus, the site has some backstage footage 
with interviews conducted by rainn wilson and "after party stories". 

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