The album for single, ugly dudes

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Mine came through OK.
Maybe yours are arriving in the e mail equivalent of the cone of silence.       : D
Here's the article Brian sent out though:
>From an article on music and relationships in Crawdaddy online by Bob Hill:

Other people may try to convince you otherwise, but trust me, they’re wrong. Desolation gets a bum rap because most people don’t like to admit how nice it is to be left alone. When I’m fortunate enough to have those moments alone—moments that generally occur in the confines of my apartment shortly after 4am—there’s nothing more redeeming than turning the volume way past 10 and rocking out to the Who’s Quadrophenia. 

I rarely listen to Quadrophenia when I’m in a relationship. Why would I? Being in love is all about Herman’s Hermits and the Foundations. Being in love is about turning in early and Sunday morning coffee over Meet the Press.

Quadrophenia is about the struggle for identity and acceptance and the resentment a lack of either of those things brings to the surface. Quadrophenia is pounding drums and freefall windmills. Quadrophenia is late night air guitar and passing out on the living room floor—CD jacket resting on your chest.

Quadrophenia’s the quintessential rock record for single, ugly dudes. Think I’m wrong? Then you’re obviously not a single, ugly dude. Or maybe you’re a chick I used to date. Most of the women I’ve dated hated Quadrophenia, which—in large part—may explain why none of those relationships ever worked out.

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Is it just me or are many posts not getting through to the list?  I've been 
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