Alan McKendree amck at thenetdr.com
Wed Jul 16 09:07:06 CDT 2008

>There's nothing on the VH1 UK website about when it's going to be 
>shown here.  But I'll have a good look through YouTube later.

Sounds like a good plan.  The are already sneak previews up at 
vh1.com and short clips or raw video from the show on youtube

>I'm mostly interested in seeing the support acts; they sound a lot 
>more interesting than the tired re-renditions of the tired old usual 
>Who songs.  It sounds like the support acts played better (and had 
>less technical problems) than the real Who.  (Although the reviews 
>of My Generation and Tea & Theatre sound good.)

I loved Foo Fighters opening with Young Man Blues...it was like the 
old call to arms.  Incubus was credible with I Can See for Miles, and 
I give them credit for choosing this difficult one, although they 
went very flat with I Can't Explain (which, to be fair, it was 
reported they were asked to play with only one day's notice).  Pearl 
Jam were the stars of the evening; I thought they ripped the roof 
off, although a band member later said they were disappointed and 
thought they could have done better.

>How long was the entire show?  Once you take out all the ad breaks, 
>videos, and cock-ups, it sounds like the actual music lasted about 
>just over 1 hour.  Does that sound right?

More than that...each guest band played two songs, except Tenacious D 
who only played one (Squeeze Box).  It's ironic that Jack Black gave 
The Who props for rocking hard, then proceeded to offer up the 
fluffiest, lamest cut of their whole career (except possibly 2000 
Years).  Then after the guest acts, The Who played for nearly an 
hour, although that included 1.8 takes of YBYB.  So say 45 minutes 
for The Who after editing, and I'd guess another 45-60 minutes for 
the support acts.  Of course, how much of that makes it to the CD 
remains to be seen.

>Ie: would fit nicely on a CD, either as an official release or a bootleg.
>Does this sound like a CD worth buying?

Ehhh.  For historical value or completist collectors (raising my 
hand), yes.  To hear Pearl Jam's LROM and The Real Me, if you don't 
have them anywhere else like on PJ boots, probably.  Otherwise...put 
it this way, I haven't listened to my Concert for New York CD in 
years, and I think that was a better CD than the Rock Honors will be.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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