"20 bad songs by good bands"

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Tue Jul 15 14:43:38 CDT 2008

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pureneasy at tiscali.co.uk writes:

> If it had been any other Who song, would you have been so disappointed? I
> mean, for me, if it had been Love ain't for keeping, I would have heartily
> approved.
> It was interesting to see some of the other choices - I disagreed with quite
> a few!¬

I wasn't just referring to "who are you?", I was referring to the other 
choices as well.   I never understood how they could put together a list of the 
"worst" anything. or even the "best" anything. who's to say? one man's coffee is 
another man's tea, y know.   that zappa quote I mentioned refers to whoever 
put this list together, meaning they wouldn't know music even if it bit them in 
the be-hind. ; )    I mean it though. 

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