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The Who at Pauley Pavilion  7/12/08

Since I couldn’t let Gad down, I am writing this coming down off  a Redbull 
and Vitamin C high.  There is a reason Linus Pauling may be  considered our 
greatest chemist as 8,000 mgs of Vitamin C is powerful when taken  with Redbull 
and diet pills.  I wasn’t quite James Bond trying to save the  world while on 
benzedrine but I experienced a sharper focus than smoking mother  nature or 
drinking fermented mother nature.

Since subjective reality is  relative to me the observer, I will start with 
My Generation, a tribute band,  that played from roughly from 11:30 to 
whenever.  I think tribute bands are  a form of necrophilia.  I don’t want to see The 
Who as schtick or what they  were say, Leeds era.  I want my Who varied, 
flawed and not self-conscious  of what they are supposed to do (like the 1999-2000 
and 2006-2007 tours).  This band has a great deal of affection for The Who, 
has fun with what  they are doing and once I let go it, played a pretty damn 
good reasonable  facsimile.  The aping takes away from the show.  Most people are 
not  going to get the numerous bootleg references.  When they settled down 
and  just played the songs, they were really quite good especially the Pete and 
John  (which just shows how hard it is to find another Keith).  I was having a 
 good time until they did You Better, You Bet then it was time to go home.  
YBYB just takes the steam out of a show and should be retired.  One  of the 
Relayers needed a ride to his Hotel so my timing in leaving was great as  
questions turned into a German taxi cab.

Why I started with the tribute  band was because The Who did not play 
tonight, just a series of bands playing  Who songs including The Two.  The bands 
played the songs with their own  personality and not trying to nail Swansea 1976 
intros or chord progressions.  I can handle nostalgia, I can’t handle 

David Duchovny  came out and introduced the Foo Fighters.  The Foo Fighters 
played a  vicious Young Man Blues.  Supergrass’ lead singer then came out and 
the  Foos did Bargain.  What was great about the songs were great selection and 
 the Foos put their personality into the songs.  There were mistakes but  
they were charming, were made based on extreme effort and affection for the  
material.  They, like all bands, should have done four songs.

After  the Foos’ two songs there was a video montage of various celebrities 
discussing  The Who’s place in music history.  I was really happy that the 
celebrities  shown got The Who and displayed a depth of knowledge about their 
catalogue.  They were serious Who fans and not just celebrities which was nice and 

Flaming Lips came out to a video montage explaining Tommy.  The Lips’ lead 
singer was in his bubble crowd surfing the audience.  Rainn Wilson introduced 
them channeling Elton John from the Tommy movie  and it was funny and sincere.  
The Lips’ bass player was in a skeleton  suit.  Opened with Amazing 
Journey/Overture into Tommy, Can You Hear Me,  Pinball Wizard, I’m Free (with a crunchy 
riff) and See Me, Feel Me.  Short,  compact medley.  The drummer tipped over 
his drums.  Nice  mini-set.

There was then a Keith Moon montage.  The transitions  between artists were 
quick and filled with video montages of either albums or  celebrity comments.

An I Can See For Miles montage was shown.  Mila  Kunis from the 70s Show did 
an intro for Incubus (twice as her mic cut out the  first time- superfluous).  
Incubus came out and tore through ICSFM and I  Can’t Explain.

Another montage led to Tenacious D filling time so Pearl  Jam could set up.  
TD did Squeeze Box as only Jack Black could do it and I  am not sure that was 
a good thing.  At least he didn’t say  “Ska-doush.”

Sean Penn (of Santa Monica High) introduces Pearl Jam after  he discussed 
Sell Out or selling out or whatever his point was.  Love Reign  O’er Me is 
aggressively played with a string section.  The Real Me is  played with a horn 
section.  They also should have done a four song set.  Their guitarist throws his 
guitar in the air and Eddie throws his mic into  the crowd.

During the latest montage between sets, I turned around and  noticed the bass 
player from Nirvana.  Tall dude and has Pete’s current  hair cut.

I try to convince the esteemable Tim Ballou to move up from the  back of the 
hall into the 10th row Pete side.  After an excursion to the  facility, 
Operation Seat Upgrade is initialized and accomplished.  Adam  Sandler comes out a 
does a solo rap with a guitar doing the Magic Bus beat.  Think opera man 
crossed with Travis Bickle with an electric guitar.  Made some cute lyrics about 
each of the original four members of the band  set to Magic Bus’ rhythm.

The Two come out and start with Baba to green  laser banks.  The sound is 
mediocre.  The music playing is excellent  but the sound is terrible.

A crunchy Seeker is played with Roger coming  in too soon on a vocal and Zak 
is asserting himself as an equal member of the  band.  Zak was absolutely 
tremendous tonight.

Who Are You follows.  Nothing unique just a competent recreation of the 
familiar  standard.

Same with Behind Blue Eyes.  Nothing exciting or  challenging.

A guitar change leads to 2000 Years which was gamely  attempted.  The problem 
was the mix made it tough for Roger to hear himself  sing and to sing 
effectively through the noise.  Pete is also having  problems with a front speaker 
greatly overriding a rear speaker (at least to me  that seemed to be the 

You Better You Bet just kills the show.  Roger is off on the vocal.  The 
sound is terrible except that Pino is  higher in the mix and playing very well too 
(Simon also was contributing as the  backing foursome including Rabbit where 
like high quality role players on a  Championship team- great veteran 
leadership and execution).  Pete stops the  songs and is pissed off about the sound.  
Pete had been motioning Bob  Pridden about Pete’s unhappiness with the sound 
for quite some time.  Pete  said that the front speaker was deafening him and 
to stop whatever was coming  out of that speaker.  YB, YB is restarted and is 
significantly better as is  custom with The Who even though Roger is a little 
tentative with the  restart.

My Generation was next and took the full brunt of Pete being  unhappy with 
the sound as MG was on fire.  Zak is playing very well off of  Pete especially 
when Pete starts windmilling or power chording.  MG is  special with the end 
instrumental part.

Won’t Get Fooled Again is  energetic and they are finding a tempo.  Pete’s 
guitar then cuts out in the  2nd verse and Zak hesitates for a second and the 
song kinda loses its way for 30  seconds.  Then Roger can’t hear himself with 
the Meet the New Boss scream.  The sound was never straightened out.  
Interestingly to see what  makes the show and what it sounds like.  Pete is windmilling 
at the end and  Zak is right with him thrashing about.  Zak is on fire with 
these short  sets.

Some editorial comments from The Two with no group introductions,  then Tea & 
Theatre.  Roger sang his nuts off.  With a shorter  show, Roger roared Tea & 
T more than he sang it.  Wow!!!

That’s  it and it only 10:27 pm.

Too short for everyone.  A very competent  show.  The bands and speakers had 
a great deal of affection for the  material and The Who and it showed in the 
quality of the night.  Other than  the sound problems, everyone I talked was 
effusive with their praise and that  the night exceeded their expectations.

It was great to see all of the  Who-ateers throughout the night.  There was 
certainly a communal feeling  for the show with seeing some 20-25 people both 
old and new.  Thanks for  Tim B. for allowing me to act like a Jewish Mother 
Hen and guilting him into  moving up into an empty seat in my row.  Gad we could 
have had Pauley . .  .

If you didn’t go it wasn’t like Vegas 1999 or other unique shows that  you 
had to be at.  Great show because of Zak and its tightness due to a  lack of a 
need to pace themselves but nothing revelatory or life  changing.

Hoping Nokia is just as energetic (and Zak keeps asserting  himself) but with 
a big, new setlist.  

What does that Charles  Lilley know!!!! (I only ate dinner with him).

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