Roger: We've Done Enough

jimthewhofan at jimthewhofan at
Thu Jul 10 21:29:13 CDT 2008


>>On the Who’s fan forums Townshend expressed even more ambivalence about the 
future. “I am no longer a member of a band called the Who,” he wrote. “I am Pete 
Townshend. I used to be in a band called the Who. It does not exist today except 
in your dreams.<<

 Pete here is confirming what I think many of us have thought since John Entwistle died six years ago: The Who is over. 

There used to be a band called the Who.

Instead of worrying about new material, Roger and Pete should focus whatever "Who" energy they have left into get some of the better live moments from the band's past out into the market so that those moments can be appreciated.


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