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>  Meanwhile your kids will probably hear my music for the first 
> time on that plastic guitar and drum thing you'll be buying them this 
> Christmas. It 
> will cost you as much as your first car. You will still be making me rich, 
> even 
> though I feel as though we are still abusing the purity of my copyright. 
> Established 
> artists like me will survive. Your musically inclined kids? I pray for them.

well, if you feel that way about it pete, why agree to let your music be 
heard this way in the first place? if you know the consequences, why do it?  

Exactly...but we are used to Pete contradicting himself! I guess they made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Also, I cannot agree with his condemnation of iTunes. 
Although I do get what he means within the context of his essay, you can't compare iTunes to record companies of the past...I say the PAST because most of them suck now - with the exception of great idie labels like Rounder and Rhino ( Rhino is psuedo-indie though). iTunes is only in the business of distributing music - not nurturing or producing artists!

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