And each episode starts with The Who...

Wed Jul 9 13:01:55 CDT 2008

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amck at writes:

> Just about 100% of the people I've talked to in the last 4-5 years 
> about CSI have no idea they're listening to Who music at the 
> opening...:-(.

in the words of T-bones, "EEEXACtly!"  exactly my point. it's background 
music, not meant to promote the band.   commercials too. it's meant to sell a 
product, not the music.  like music in a porn movie. let's just say you're not 
paying much attention to it.. 

I can't even listen to some songs that are favs of mine by contemporary bands 
because they're starting to sound like the soundtrack to almost every 
commercial I see on TV. like the strokes' "12:51", great track when I first heard it, 
now I'm seeing car ads in my head when I hear it. had that experience with 
the who song "bargain" when they kept playing that one over and over. and now 
I'm having that experience with queen's "another one bites the dust", etc.   sad 

sorry that I'm going off on this subject again, but, as you can see, it's 
something I feel quite strongly about. 

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