Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Jan 31 19:28:19 CST 2008

> Man, that blows big-time.  I hope those rumors (?) are false.

It seems only the bad rumors are true. :)

> Well if both shows *are* that short (presuming the Coliseum
> rumors are true) then they better *not* be "standalone" discs!
> ("$19.99 each!")

I'm sure that's why they are paired together. Neither on it's own is worth a 
standalone release.

> Maybe,....Bruce!....   ;-)   ....maybe each disc will contain
> bonus material (interviews, TV appearances, etc.) to bump
> the time up to around 2 hours each!
> Plus, each "standalone" release will come with an exclusive
> Bust Buy Bonus Disc!  And a free tee-shirt!  Yes!  I see it
> all now!

I won't be surprised if there is a Best Buy bonus disc.  Brick and mortar 
stores are having a very hard time competing with online services.  BB uses 
bonus discs to both get you to buy discs from them but also to get you into 
the store to buy bigger items (PCs, TVs, stereos, etc.).


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