Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Jan 31 19:04:47 CST 2008

> Still, the big question is:  Is the Coliseum show truly incom-
> plete?  And how dark will it look?  ;-)

Aha, I should held off on that last post. :)  I'm hearing ther Coliseum show 
is incomplete and as such will fit with Kilburn on one disc.

Yes, the Coliseum footage will still be dark, if not darker.  Didn't the 
producer of TKAA say that by going digital making the image clearer the 
effect was the footage was darker?   The TKAA YMB clip seems darker to me. 
In places Roger is almost invisible and he has a light on him!  Thank God 
Pete wore the white boiler suit. :)

> There aren't any missing chunks of Kilburn, are there?

Kilburn by all accounts should be complete.  That's not to say they might 
not include it all. :)


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