Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Jan 31 18:48:02 CST 2008

>> Going by the decription it looks to be a single DVD.
> But the blurb distinctly says, "...worldwide release as standalone
> DVDs."  DVDs (plural).
> - SCHRADE in Akron

It also says the shows will be released as the third disc of the Japanese 
version of Amazing Journey.

" 'Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who' will be released in Japan as a 3 x 
DVD set and will include the Kilburn and Coliseum gigs."

Further, from what I hear much of the Coliseum footage is missing.  They 
only have maybe half of the show, an hour or less?  Kilburn is just over an 
hour so both would easily fit on one disc.


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