Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Jan 31 19:54:15 CST 2008

> Going by the decription it looks to be a single DVD. 

I see the conundrum.  After stating that the shows will be 
released "worldwide" as "standalone DVDs," it then states, 
"'Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who' will be released 
in Japan as a 3 x DVD set and will include the Kilburn and 
Coliseum gigs."

Presumably, the Japanese version of AJ will contain the main
feature (disc 1) & Six Quick Ones (disc 2), which implies
that the Coliseum & Kilburn shows will make up the third

I still say the "standalone DVDs" comment trumps the Jap-
anese AJ statement.  Perhaps the Japanese AJ bonus disc
will include only *highlights* from both shows.  Or, maybe
the Japanese AJ won't include the Six Quick Ones disc.

I'm aware that events change quickly in The World of Future
Who Releases, but that word "standalone," to me, implies
two separate releases. 

Or, maybe it'll be *one* release containing *two* discs.  
I guess technically those discs could "stand alone," in differ-
ent parts of a room. (!)

Still, the big question is:  Is the Coliseum show truly incom-
plete?  And how dark will it look?  ;-)

There aren't any missing chunks of Kilburn, are there?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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