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Yes gang, that is correct! This is the show I told you about a few months 
ago. It turned out pretty well, although certainly not as well as, let's 
say, Live at Leeds, but we tried. I am the drummer and sing most of the lead 
vocals, my poor daughter Gabriella sang the women's parts (I say "poor" 
because we wouldn't transpose the music to fit a woman's register), and my 
brother Darren plays the amazing bass. The DVD is worth downloading if only 
to hear him. If you want to check out some clips before downloading the show 
and see who else was in the band, go to our website,

Since not everyone lives in town, my brother is always on the road with the 
Hermits, and "The Center" is designed for tackling really complicated, 
ambitious projects, we unfortunately only plan to do one show per year. If 
it were up to me, the next one would be Quadrophenia, but the other guys 
might want to take on another challenge. I will say this about "Tommy" 
though; I have been playing Who songs for 30 years and knew all the lyrics 
by heart going in, so I thought it would be easy to do the show, but it was 
a ton of work, and I realized that, even after all these years, I had never 
fully appreciated how talented and important John was as a backup singer.

Thanks for noticing Jim!

-Chris in Cleveland

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>I haven't seen this yet, but I believe it features IGTC's very own Chris 
> Jim M
> Center for Rock Research performs "Tommy"
> 1st September 2007
> Jigsaw Saloon
> Parma
> Ohio
> Source: Multi-Camera shot MPEG2 encoded from NTSC master
> Video: NTSC 720x480 29.97fps
> Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Generic
> Audio: LPCM 48khz 48bits
> Produced by Frank Prpic for Center for Rock Research and Platinum Glass 
> Productions, Cleveland
> DVD Playlist:
> 01 Intro
> 02 Overture
> 03 It's a Boy
> 04 1951
> 05 Amazing Journey
> 06 Sparks
> 07 Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)
> 08 Christmas
> 09 Cousin Kevin
> 10 The Acid Queen
> 11 Do You Think It's Alright?
> 12 Fiddle About
> 13 Pinball Wizard
> 14 There's a Doctor
> 15 Go to the Mirror!
> 16 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
> 17 Smash the Mirror
> 18 Sensation
> 19 Miracle Cure
> 20 Sally Simpson
> 21 I'm Free
> 22 Welcome
> 23 Tommy's Holiday Camp
> 24 We're Not Gonna Take It
> 25 See Me Feel Me/Listening to You
> Length: 1h 11m 59s
> Notes:
> Also includes Promo film (2m 5s).
> Artwork included.
> Bass player Darren Frate is the current bassist for Herman's Hermits.
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> Brought to you by: Long Live Rock
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