Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

Wed Jan 30 17:33:09 CST 2008

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> get usernames mixed up.This is Ernie right? 
> I didn't view Bruce's info as complaining but just information.Bruce and  
> Brian Cady have been
> providing useful info for many years and have been Who fans long before you  
> were even
> born. I put a smiley face at the end as well ;)

sad to say this IS ernie.. ha.  well, I thought I'd say it before anyone 
complains about it, ya see. 'cause you and I know that as soon as it comes out, 
there's gonna be a whole discussion about what's on it and what isn't and 
questions about if the footage really exists or it dosen't, and if it does, why 
didn't they add it, "this is a rip off" etc.  nothing against bruce or anybody (I 
have a feeling bruce won't be complaining about anything. sorry bruce if it 
seemed like it was directed towards you. it wasn't. I'm not a proper journalist, 
just a fan with a computer). but you know there's gonna be a whole discussion 
about it. that's pretty much what I meant by that. Just be happy it's out, 
that's all.  and I put that smiley there because I said "whiney who fans" and 
that's me being "tongue in cheek". and I'm also sick of having to explain my 
sense of humor to anyone on here. from now on, you either get it or 'ya don't. 

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