Two classic Who gigs to be released on DVD before September.

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Wed Jan 30 17:22:17 CST 2008

I get usernames mixed up.This is Ernie right? 
I didn't view Bruce's info as complaining but just information.Bruce and  
Brian Cady have been
providing useful info for many years and have been Who fans long before you  
were even
born. I put a smiley face at the end as well ;)
Mike S
>>>>and, the complaints begin.  look, whatever comes out,  just be happy it's 
whatever it is. whatever length, whatever quality  etc.  as far as I know, no 
bootleggers have these concerts in their  collections. so BE HAPPY and stop 
being whiny who fans for a change.  ;<<<<
Bruce wrote:

> Going by the decription it looks to be a single DVD.  If so  it's likely 
> going to have complete shows. The Coliseum  concert probably clocked in at 
> near two hours and Kilburn is just over  an hour.  Rumours persist that 
> can't find all of the  footage.


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