Roger and the RD Crusaders May 8

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu Jan 24 20:31:26 CST 2008

>From Mediapolis in The Times:

Richard Desmond will be drumming up some cash for a few of his favourite
charities with Roger Daltrey, The Who frontman no less, on Thursday May 8.
Quite a bit of cash actually - a table for ten will set you back £25,000,
with the money raised going to good causes including the Teenage Cancer
Trust. Desmond has been pushing the tickets to watch the RD Crusaders
aggressively, and, as even his friends will admit, the Express owner does
not do RSVPs. It has been known for those who try to say no to be sent an
invoice instead. Readers can decide if the RD stands for Richard Desmond or
Roger Daltrey; one would expect the bigger personality to seize the honour.
-Brian in Atlanta
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