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Wed Jan 23 14:30:11 CST 2008

My brother was thrown off Hollywood Beach in Florida back in 82 when he  went
absolutely drunkenly berserk when someone refused to put in LAL in a
boombox, instead they put in Van Halen.After many beers and finally
sneaking and putting the LAL tape in my brother jumped and leaped
and windmilled on the packed beach kicking sand allover the sticky
suntanned oiled girls who all were screaming and calling him an 
asshole.My brother fell on top of a beer bottle and cut his chest
open.We dragged him to the ocean to wash his wounds out.
Monday in school almost seemingly everyone was calling him
WHO-MAN! We became popular and thus the drinking and drugs
began and the image of the wacked out Starcke broithers began LOL!
Great Stories lads! ONLY DA F*CKING WHO!!
Mike S
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Keithjmoon70 at aol.com writes:

>>I know what you mean, Scott. When I was younger I got thrown out of  a  
once because when some Who came on I started kicking  everybody's  ass.
Scott Wrote:

>I actually had to *stop* listening to LAL in the car about 20 years  ago  
when I was driving on an open freeway to work every day.  LAL  kept  
prompting me 
to drive too fast without even realizing  it.

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