A "thought of Joe" moment....

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Couldn't you just fast-forward to YMB?

I actually had to *stop* listening to LAL in the car about 20 years ago when I was driving on an open freeway to work every day.  LAL kept prompting me to drive too fast without even realizing it.
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>Joe Lewinski
>Endless Wire
>I have a ton of work to do this weekend (mostly keyboarding
>on a PC.)  I plan on listening to some music that will be soothing
>and not too distractive.  I find that Endless Wire has some tracks
>that actually work for this.

Standing at the top of a really cool run last weekend,...fresh powder my victim.
Was riding at a very aggressive level to my MP3 of All Who All The Time...basically my favorite songs from each of their albums, with full WN and LAL.
LAL-YMB is blasting in my ears, and I'm about to explode on the gladded run before me with YMB as my guide.
*Right* as I'm about to take off, my MP3 shuts down.  Weak battery.
It's cold, so I don't want to change bats right then.  I turn it back on, but it automatically starts with track 1...Endless Wire stuff.
I think of Joe.
Endless Wire definitely did *not* work for the above situation.
My out-of-my-mind aggressive descent turned into a rather mellow-ish artistic dance.

Ah well.
I just had to giggle.

Kevin in VT

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