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Is it really the Ventures doing Wipeout?  Dang.  The original version was done by the Surfaris.
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I got the Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD that Brian C. brought
to our attention a while back.  Being a drummer, I really enjoyed 

It's hosted by Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) & he gives short 
introductions to most of the segments.  He says Moon was insane
(there's some news!) but, like Charlie Watts was the perfect
drummer for the Stones, Moon was the perfect drummer for The 

He also tells a rather unflattering story about Moon walking across 
the stage during an opening band's set, wearing only his underwear.

And he says that he & Moon hung out in a hotel once & Moon
invited him to have a little drum battle on the bottom of an over-
turned TV set.  They really went at it & nicked up the TV but
Moon told Appice not to worry about any damage 'cause he 
would take care of it.  "And he did take care of it," Appice says, 
"he threw it out the window!"

The back cover of the DVD states that there is a bonus feature
(audio only) of a radio interview with Moon.  Upon viewing I 
found out that this is the full segment on Moon from the BBC's 
"Who's Who" radio special from 1974.

It includes not only the Moon interview parts but short interviews
with the other band members & the full songs included in the radio
special, as well.

I have to say that Moon's drum solo (the famous clear drumset,
goldfish in the floor tom, TV solo from the mid-'70s) comes 
across as the sloppiest & least technically accomplished of all the 
drummers included.  It's not horrible -- just not as tight & control-
led as solos from the other drummers.

The footage of the Ventures performing "Wipeout" in the '60s
was awesome, as was the surprisingly autodestructive nature
of the early-'70s Deep Purple clip.

A nice DVD for drumming enthusiasts.  It's available on Amazon.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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