Moon vs. McQueen

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Sun Jan 13 07:45:35 CST 2008

>From the Ventura County Star:

...Now, breaking a 27-year silence, Barbara McQueen talks about their Santa Paula days in her book "Steve McQueen: The Last Mile."...

...She writes of the night
McQueen got so sick of bright lights from Moon's residence shining into
his bedroom that he got up, grabbed a shotgun and blasted a huge hole
in Moon's offending stained-glass window. He marched back to his house,
put away the gun and cracked open a can of his beloved Old Milwaukee
beer. "He thought for sure the cops were gonna come," she recalled with a
laugh during a recent interview. They heard not a word about it...

-Brian in Atlanta
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