King Biscuit Question

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Jan 12 17:42:02 CST 2008

> Recently I came across a Best of King Biscuit Flower Hour CD 
> that includes two cuts from The Who: Who Are You and Sister 
> Disco.  The CD has a variety of artist listing the date and location 
> of the recording.  For The Who, there is no listing on when or 
> where the recording was done.  Does anyone know of the CD 
> that I mention?

I haven't seen the CD but I'm guessing that the two Who songs are
from the Toronto '82 show as King Biscuit had a radio program in 
the '80s which featured a good chunk of that show.  I taped it on 
cassette back in the day.   ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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