Don't Let Go The Coat

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Sat Jan 12 07:04:18 CST 2008

>From Digital Spy:

  	  	 	 		'EastEnders' actor loses movie jacket   	 	Saturday, January 12 2008, 11:32 GMT

 		 	By Daniel Kilkelly	


 	  	 	   	Former EastEnders star Phil Daniels has offered a reward for the return of a jacket that he wore in cult film Quadrophenia.

The actor, who played Walford's Kevin Wicks, was devastated when the khaki-green coat was stolen from the back of a friend's car on Monday. The coat, worn by his character Jimmy in the 1979 movie, was being taken to a film exhibition after being in storage for 20 years.

"I just felt a bit silly for leaving it in the back of the car," Daniels explained. "It was a keepsake from all those years ago. I'm worried someone's just thought it was an old coat and slung it over the fence somewhere."

"If I could get it returned that would be great, if not que sera," he continued. "It probably doesn't mean that much to anyone else but it means a lot to me."

Phil quit EastEnders in August after deciding that he wanted to focus on other projects.    	 		


-Brian in Atlanta

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