Roger, the turkey delivery man?

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Wed Jan 9 15:06:56 CST 2008

>From The Sussex Express:

On Christmas Day there is nothing worse than spending the day alone,
with only the cat for company and beans for lunch, so 20 people felt
the same and decided to join the lunch at the village hall. Everyone
had a really lovely day, enjoying a fabulous three course lunch with
wine or fruit juice, all for just £7.50. The whole event was lovely
with everyone mucking in with the washing up. At the end of the day
everyone went home happy and replete. Barry and I are really grateful
to Shirley Viney, and John and Jenny Collins for all the help they gave
all day, it made things so much easier for us, and we were able to
enjoy the day too. Also a big thank you to Roger Daltry who so kindly
donated the turkey for the event.
-Brian in Atlanta
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