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Fri Jan 4 17:53:30 CST 2008


Thanks Benn.This educated guess has been posted everywhere so
I'm "guessing" that this is the most likely premise.However,not  big
enough of a deal to drive 3,000 miles for me.
Mr.Lee is still a prick.He has single handedly turned thewho.com
forum into a "BLOOD FEUD" with his "rule with an Iron fist"  demeanor
and no one in the Who camp cares that PAYING customers are
being harrassed for no good reason.I for one have never seen anything
like it.
My dig wasn't really about the his "rumour" post but more
of an excuse for me to voice how I feel about the c*nt
Cheers to you in the New Year as well Benn.
Mike S.
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whoboy at fsmail.net writes:

Mr.  Starke! - how are ya fella - long time no speak!

Give the guy a bit of  a break - to me, this is a way of giving at least a 
little something (however  small) in terms of "actual" news during what promises 
to be a very quiet  time.  Sure, we'd all much rather have a definite "Pete 
is going to be  playing at MSG on....." post, but it's not possible.  I'd also 
presume  that he's getting official thumbs up to put things like that up 
My take is that Pete's been invited to play at the Steve Winwood / Clapton  
shows celebrating Traffic at  MSG:

It  may be a chance to resurrect "Eric Clapton and the Palpitations".......or 
 what's left of them.
All the best to you and your in the New  Year!


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