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Mr. Starke! - how are ya fella - long time no speak!

Give the guy a bit of a break - to me, this is a way of giving at least a little something (however small) in terms of "actual" news during what promises to be a very quiet time.  Sure, we'd all much rather have a definite "Pete is going to be playing at MSG on....." post, but it's not possible.  I'd also presume that he's getting official thumbs up to put things like that up there.  
My take is that Pete's been invited to play at the Steve Winwood / Clapton shows celebrating Traffic at MSG:

It may be a chance to resurrect "Eric Clapton and the Palpitations".......or what's left of them.
All the best to you and your in the New Year!

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Yeah, the douche bag moderator/tyrant over there likes to start rumors and
most of all,he likes to start fights with everyone. How professional is it to
post something like that?

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"3rd January, 2008
Pete Townshend to perform at a major gig in New York?
After his performance at an annual village gig laid on by pal Eric Clapton 
for New Year's Eve, the rumour's now going around that Who guitarist Pete 
Townshend is going to be performing at "a much larger gig" in New York 
before March.

No further details are available."

Is this an "official" rumor?

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