Rachel Fuller Bids Farewell

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Thu Jan 3 17:12:33 CST 2008

Rachel's blog
(http://www.intheattic.tv/blogs/entry.html/1160?L=1) Thursday January 03  2008
After much thought, i have decided to close this  blog.
I am quite sad about it, but i do have my reasons.
I want to  thank everyone who has been a part of this journey and supported 
and  encouraged me through the trials and tribulations of the last few  years.

As i move into 2008, i am focusing mainly on 3  things.

1. My musical.
2. In the Attic is in talks with  Starbucks and Bestbuy.
3. I wish to continue my support of the dog  shelter.

Thats an awful lot to be going on with, but all very  exciting and rewarding.

I wish you all the best, i am sure you will  find a way to stay in touch with 
each other!

I will leave this site  open for the next 24 hours,

Love and  happiness,


ps. I WILL BE CHECKING IN AND CHATTING  AT www.rachelfullerforum.com and also 
my myspace site -  www.myspace.com/rachelintheattic -with newsletters and 

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