Say What?

Lowgens02 at Lowgens02 at
Thu Jan 3 17:11:25 CST 2008

Yeah, the douche bag moderator/tyrant over there likes to start rumors  and
most of all,he likes to start fights with everyone. How professional is it  to
post something like that?
In a message dated 1/3/2008 6:08:07 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
Keithjmoon70 at writes:

"3rd  January, 2008
Pete Townshend to perform at a major gig in New   York?
After his performance at an annual village gig laid on by pal  Eric  Clapton 
for New Year's Eve, the rumour's now going around that  Who guitarist  Pete 
Townshend is going to be performing at "a much  larger gig" in New York  
before March.

No further  details are available."

Is this an "official"  rumor?

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