Keithjmoon70 at aol.com Keithjmoon70 at aol.com
Tue Jan 1 12:18:51 CST 2008

>...>Finally-- FWIW -- I always interpreted the "I before E when  you're 
spelling ecstacy" line as saying that we're >all responsible for our  own 
happiness.  That happiness comes from within, or whatever.  You  have to have it >and 
find it in you (or "I") in order to achieve  ecstacy.  

>Or maybe he just needed something to rhyme w/ "me" in  the previous line.  

>Happy New Year,

That was a great post!  Very helpful.  Maybe we can hear  more from you in 
this new year.
I hope that everyone here has a very good 2008.
Jon in Mi

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