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> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 12:20:43 -0800 (PST)> From: Jack Simons <jdsrip at yahoo.com>> Subject: LMLOTD> To: thewho at igtc.com> Message-ID: <758506.2608.qm at web38802.mail.mud.yahoo.com>> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1> > In regards to Warren Miller's expose, I would like to> know what Pete's female fans think. Let us know. Do> you agree with it?> > Jack> 
Ok, I'll de-lurk and take the bait. I'm a female PT fan (for those who don't know me, "Jake" is a nickname -- initials are J.K.).  But I don't know why my gender is relevant to this conversation. Since I'm a woman, does that mean I'm more likely to enjoy mushy, lightweight, "hokey" and "saccharin" sentiments that Miller describes?  Sorry. Give me an extended version of "Naked Eye" or "Dreaming from the Waist" any day...
I like that LMLOTD is a meditation on God's love and forgiveness wrapped in what appears to be a simple pop tune.  I think it's a product of its age -- it screams "80s".  But it's relatively harmless and I don't switch it off when it comes on the radio or iPod (though I prefer the e.Cola mix to the original release).
I do wish, however, that PT would stop selling every single song to advertisers.  I get sick of hearing "Happy Jack" or "Sparks" or "I Can See for Miles" used to sell cars, allergy medicine and whatever comes along. I don't mind so much when I hear it in a film (I love how "A Quick One" is used in "Rushmore", for instance), though LMLOTD has been used to death.  I don't even object to the CSI themes.  But that JC Penney ad really got under my skin.
Finally-- FWIW -- I always interpreted the "I before E when you're spelling ecstacy" line as saying that we're all responsible for our own happiness.  That happiness comes from within, or whatever.  You have to have it and find it in you (or "I") in order to achieve ecstacy.  
Or maybe he just needed something to rhyme w/ "me" in the previous line.  :-)
Happy New Year,
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