Meg Fox tribute

Fri Feb 29 15:38:11 CST 2008

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Keithjmoon70 at writes:

> She was a fellow fan of ours' that recently passed away that went to the  
> shows and saw it for her self. I take that as an encouragement to  live my 
> life 
> as opposed to reading about others living theirs.  Did  you see the look in 
> her 
> eyes as she was talking with Rachel?
> Ernie, if there's another tour, I expect to see you there!   ;-)

oh ok.  I remember reading about her, but forgot the name. I was typing the 
name in search engines and the actress megan fox kept coming up. ha! anyway. 

is that last sentence meant to be like an "in-joke" or somethin' like that? 
insinuating (that how you spell it?) that I don't enjoy life or somethin'? ha.  
I saw the who when I wanted to see them. I've been fortunate enough to see 
them twice which is a rarity for me to say the least. to be perfectly honest, 
and no offense intended to anyone, but I don't care if I never see them live 
again.   and I enjoy my life fine thank you. 

Ideas to please picky 
eaters. Watch video on AOL Living.

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