Winehouse and Whine rowse

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Thu Feb 21 08:07:04 CST 2008

>From: JOELTLE515 at
>Subject: Re: Roger calls Winehouse's dad
>well, since it seems alot of people here know every little nook and crannie
>about the who members' lives, I thought someone might know.    big deal... just
>a question...

I wonder if Roger meant his Who-family.  Has plenty of experience there!
But, could you blame his wife is she ended up battling addiction?
Takes a special woman to deal with a husband of Roger's...ummm celebrity <cough-sleepin-around> status.

>From: "Jim M" <nakedi at>
>Subject: Re: Roger calls Winehouse's dad
>> I'm starting to like her too.  has a very "60's" flavor about herself, her
>> sound and her look.   I hope she'll be around a little while longer.
>Yes.  Retro in style, but current in content.

My wife is a fan.
Looking forward to hearing her stuff.

>I'm sure Roger will get her straightened out!

You sure it won't be the other way around?

>From: "Jim M" <nakedi at>
>Subject: Re: Roger calls Winehouse's dad
>>I like her too! Strange thing-Rachel Fuller posted on her blog(rather
>> vehemently) that she doesn't like Miss Winehouse...hmmm...
>I'm trying to think of a way to reply to this that doesn't sound like a dig at Rachel, but I just can't.

Here..let me help.
Sounds nothing but catty to me.  Jealousy and sour grapes also come to mind.
What ever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything."
I don't think Rachel, or any performer, should express publicly that they dislike another performer.
Just seems stupid to me.

>Suffice to say, Amy Winehouse doesn't need to worry about Rachel's opinion of her.

Ahhh, good one.  Unlike Rachel, you and Ms. Winehouse didn't need any help at all!

Kevin in VT

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