Roger calls Winehouse's dad

Thu Feb 21 07:51:20 CST 2008

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nakedi at writes:

> Yes.  Retro in style, but current in content.  Assuming her personal 
> troubles (as you allude to) don't end her career, or even life prematurely, 
> it will be interesting to see if she can come up with something other than 
> her drug &alcohol abuse to sing about.  I'm sure Roger will get her 
> straightened out!

last I heard, she's on the mend, although tis common for a recovering addict 
to have a relapse. we'll see.  she seemed ok when she performed via satellite 
at the grammys and I heard she "wowed 'em" at the BRITs last night, which are 
good signs. 

as far as her continuing, a "true artist" will always find something to 
write/sing about. if it isn't one thing, it's something else. 

to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL Living.

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