Just A Minute With: Roger Daltrey

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Just A Minute With: Roger Daltrey

By Belinda Goldsmith

       SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Roger Daltrey is well known as the founder and lead singer of British rock band The Who which he never sees ending but these days he is also appealing to a much younger audience -- as a dragon bus driver called Aragon.

       Daltrey, 63, has just voiced Aragon for the third DVD in a series called "The Wheels on the Bus" that is aimed at teaching socialization skills to two to four year olds.

       He spoke to Reuters about his work with The Who and his charity work:

       Q: How did you get involved in a kids' DVD?

       A: "A bunch of friends were trying to get this off the ground. It sounded interesting and I was doing nothing else so I said why not."

       Q: It's quite a change from The Who. Do you enjoy it?

       A: "The character is exhausting. I always come out of it totally wiped out but the product works. I've been around a lot of children and it's great to find something that gives mum a break but is also educational. You don't do this sort of thing for the money but because it is worthwhile and should be done."

       Q: You've got grandchildren now, haven't you?

A: "Don't mention that!"

       Q: Are you still involved in Teenage Cancer Trust and the week of events designed to raise money for teenagers with cancer?

       A: "Yes, it's in its eighth year now. It's not just about raising funds but awareness. We are a charity that has a system of trying to make hospitals more psychologically friendly for teenagers as they tend to withdraw in that environment."

       Q: In 2006/07 The Who went on a world tour, "Endless Wire." You've been going for over 40 years. Is there an end in sight?

       A: "We are not planning on stopping working on stage. We've had hiatuses but it was never the end and it won't be as far as I can see it. Peter Townshend has written so much important work that one tour is just a small snapshot of it."

       Q: Any more tours planned?

       A: "We will be making music on the stage somewhere in the world this year -- maybe something new. But that is in the lap of the writer and the writer is Pete. It is the 40th anniversary of (rock opera) "Tommy" next year so we may go and play some opera houses."

       Q: Do you still enjoy working together?

       A: "Love it. It does get harder because of the grind of the road. But when you get the kind of rapport with someone that is like a sixth sense -- as with Pete and I -- then it is something so special that you can't ever consider stopping it. It's a part of you."

Q: You've released about eight solo albums. Any more in you?

       A: "I never really wanted to be a solo artist and I've really put it on the backburner. I now give my time to charity and that keeps me busy when I am not busy with The Who."

       Q: Have you been out to see many of the bands who have reunited recently to go back out on tour?

       A: "Not really. I think it's good it's happening and it is probably to do with the age that they are. I did want to see Led Zeppelin and I could get a ticket but I felt bad about going. I didn't think it was right that I should have that privilege and thought it would be morally wrong for me to join the celebrity bandwagon that went. Led Zep was incredibly generous and gave our charity four tickets which we auctioned."

       (Editing by Patricia Reaney)


-Brian in Atlanta

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