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> Date: February 8, 2008 3:02:38 PM CST
> T Bone [Burnett] does have a Who connection. He opened for The Who  
> several times in 1982 including the show I saw.  I thought he was  
> awful.  It was 20+ years later that I found out that Mick Ronson  
> was in his band at the time.  Ronson was making chump change  
> touring with Burnett after turning down two grand a night to tour  
> with Bob Seger.

The Burnett/Ronson connection goes back to at least 1975.  I can't  
resist mentioning that in spring 1976 I saw the Rolling Thunder  
Review in San Antonio which featured, among others, Bob Dylan, Joan  
Baez, Mick Ronson, and T-Bone Burnett.  I don't remember anything in  
particular about T-Bone...he was basically a backing guitarist...but  
I'll never forget Joan Baez enveloping Mick Ronson in her arms from  
behind as he leaned back into her as he played.  With the lighting,  
it looked like a modern rock-Madonna sculpture, all the more touching  
because I thought of Ronson as a bad-boy outlaw type.

Afterward we hung out at the stage door and ended up talking to T- 
Bone for a short time, during which he mentioned that the band was  
going to hang out the following off-night in Austin, at the Rome  
Inn.  I tipped off an Austin friend who was a huge Dylan fan and he  
managed to meet Bob in the parking lot, and talk to him for a short  
time.  While they were talking, some random guy gave Dylan a joint,  
which Dylan didn't want and offered it to my friend.  He kept it for  
years after :-).

Alan McKendree
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