If he'd lived, would Moon's back be killing him?

Chris Frate cfrate at roadrunner.com
Sun Feb 10 14:20:54 CST 2008

Also, he didn't practice a lot. However, he did break his tailbone, but that 
wasn't from drumming.

-Chris in Cleveland

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>> well, he moved around alot in concert. so maybe not.  maybe.
> Moon sat up very high when he played.  His legs almost never
> formed a right angle at the knee.  His leg angle was obtuse (great-
> er than 90 degrees).
> Sitting up that high almost demands that you keep your back
> straight.  Moon had excellent posture when he played.  He hardly
> ever slouched or sagged (except when he collapsed!).
> Most drummers sit real low which can lead to poor posture
> behind the kit.  I like to sit up high when I play, almost attacking
> the kit in a downward fashion to increase power.  My back is
> always straight.
> I've been playing drums for over 20 years & have not had any
> back pain caused by my drumming.  I've had back pain, yes;
> because I'm getting to be an old goat.  But the times I've played
> my drums *with* back pain, I've always felt better afterwards.
> My guess is Moon's back would be feeling just fine if he were
> alive today.
> - SCHRADE in Akron
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