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Sat Feb 9 18:16:39 CST 2008

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> Not straight bluegrass, I don't think, but Roger has said this before. 
> It's
> already come out in some Johnny Cash songs and Elvis tributes.  One of the
> songs in Wire and Glass had a country swing to it, too.  Pete's perfectly
> capable of writing country harmonies, and bluegrass has an Irish ancestry
> that should fit well with The Who.  It really is an interesting idea.

Sure the song 'Endless Wire' has a country feel and Pete *could* write a 
bunch of country tinged songs, and I'm sure Roger would be all over it. 
But, I just don't see Pete doing it at someone else's suggestion.  Whether 
that's Roger, or a highly respected producer/friend.  I just don't see Pete 
doing what someone else says he should do.  Now, if it were *Pete's* idea (I 
know, I'll turn a childeren's book about an Iron Man into my next solo 
album!), that would be different.

Jim M 

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