FlashGordon rgordon1276 at
Sat Feb 9 09:12:24 CST 2008

> But, would T Bone try to move them in a
> different direction, musically?  Is Roger wanting to make a bluegrass
> record?  I could see him thinking that's a good idea, but is Pete going to
> write those songs?  I don't know, put me down as intrigued, but skeptical
> of
> the whole idea.  Pete says he doesn't need a producer now, but if he
> really
> wants to sell more records, that might be exactly what he needs.

Not straight bluegrass, I don't think, but Roger has said this before.  It's
already come out in some Johnny Cash songs and Elvis tributes.  One of the
songs in Wire and Glass had a country swing to it, too.  Pete's perfectly
capable of writing country harmonies, and bluegrass has an Irish ancestry
that should fit well with The Who.  It really is an interesting idea.

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