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Sat Feb 9 08:53:27 CST 2008

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> meant for that last part to be a wink.  is this list trying to make me 
> look
> like a bad guy or what? ha.   probably my fault again. wouldn't be 
> surprised.

That's OK, we all knkow it's true, anyway.

> and another thing, if springsteen can make a "conventional E street band"
> record in 2007, why shouldn't the who make "a conventional who record" in 
> 2008 or
> 2009?

I think we're reading too much into the phrase 'conventional Who record.' 
I'm not sure Pete doesn't think of Endless Wire as 'conventional.'

The whole T Bone Burnett thing is very intriguing, though.  If Pete is after 
bigger sales, as he's stated recently, then that's the kind of move that 
coiuld make that dream come true.  But, would T Bone try to move them in a 
different direction, musically?  Is Roger wanting to make a bluegrass 
record?  I could see him thinking that's a good idea, but is Pete going to 
write those songs?  I don't know, put me down as intrigued, but skeptical of 
the whole idea.  Pete says he doesn't need a producer now, but if he really 
wants to sell more records, that might be exactly what he needs.

Jim M 

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