Martin Bailey mbailey at
Fri Feb 8 08:22:27 CST 2008

Scott Schrade was the first to quote Pete saying:

> 6th February, 2008
> Not so complicated.......
> You guys know I'm writing. I'm doing a bunch of stuff. 

Always good to hear.

> We also talked about revisiting Quadrophenia the way we did it in the 
> '90s. This is all work for the Autumn. 

Why?   Been there.  Done that.  It's hard to get excited about them performing Quad in it's entirety again.  (As much I love hearing Quad played live.)

They'd have to do a completely different take on it, to make it interesting.

Eg: loose all the actors, guest stars and legions of musicians.  Just strip it down to just RD+PT, and RD+PT+ZS+J"R"B+PP+ST.  No Theatrics, just Music.  Now THAT starts to sound interesting.  

> Roger is working on his own idea for an album for us, 

Does this mean Roger's writing a song?  
Or is this something bigger?  
Is Roger coming up with an idea for a mini-opera?

> with the producer T-Bone Burnett, who is 
> an old friend of mine. 

I've never heard of this guy.  After a quick Google, I know now this:

 - he's just had his 60th birthday

 - he's recorded a number of songs (enough to fill a recent 40-track compilation).  I've never heard of any of them

 - he's produced Tony Bennett, kd lang, The Wallflowers

 - he's worked on the soundtracks for such movies as O Brother, Where Art Thou?,  Walk the Line and The Big Lebowski.  (I've heard praise for all these soundtracks before now.)

> I am hoping to come up with some songs for a 
> more conventional Who record. 

Ah, music to my ears.


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