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I know some of you met Meg Fox in NYC and other places during The Who tours  
Joe's Pub. Meg passed away after a 2 1/2 year hard and  courageous fight 
against Imflammatory 
Breast Cancer .I will deeply miss her raunchy humour,the love for  the 
Philadelphia Flyers,
sharing a Philly Cheesesteak with her and touring with her for Who  
shows.Pete and
Rachel met her and she had a nice conversation with Rachel at Joe's Pub so  
knew of the situation.Meg never discussed the details of her cancer as she  
to live her life at the fullest and didn't want anyone to treat her  
differently or for anyone
to feel sorry for her.Somehow, I have a feeling her amazing journey is just  
We will all see you soon oneday dear girl.I'm glad we were able to  
before your passed on.
Mike S
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6th February, 2008

Not so  complicated.......

You guys know I'm writing. I'm doing a bunch of  stuff. However, the 
ides of February approaches and everyone around me is  piling on 
pressure to get some idea what my plan is. I don't have a solid  plan. 
But after a talk with Roger yesterday we came up with a wish-list  style 
plan. We still like the idea of playing Japan - especially as  Amazing 
Journey has yet to be released there and we might be able to give  it a 
push by performing there around the time of the release this Autumn.  
We also talked about revisiting Quadrophenia the way we did it in the  
'90s. This is all work for the Autumn. Roger is working on his own  
idea for an album for us, with the producer T-Bone Burnett, who is 
an  old friend of mine. I am hoping to come up with some songs for a 
more  conventional Who record. There is a chance we might play some 
shows in the  Festival season this summer. I would want to do that 
purely for fun, and I  don't want to turn it into a big tour. I need to stay 
focussed on my  writing. Anyway, thought you'd like an update. 
Rachel and I have had sad  news lately. Two women we know have 
died this week from cancer, one (Meg  Fox) a sterling Who and 
Rachel and In The Attic fan - the other news was  an old friend of 
mine who has lung cancer. So there is a real sense of  gratitude at 
being healthy and alive, and a desire to make this year a  good one if 
I can. 


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