Wed Feb 6 12:59:45 CST 2008

I saw the ad last night.  I did see it during the super bowl, but I guess I 
didn't take notice of the music.  just peeved that derek Jeter was in it I 
guess. sorry yankee fans.. ha. 

and whoever put in the myspace page here and told me where to look for it: 
right product, but the wrong version of the ad. it was the one with that little 
car and the music was like, some german band trying to be the ramones.  s'ok 
though. like I said, I saw the ad again anyway, so. it all worked out in the 
end. ha.   and it's not the only ad currently running that is using "sparks" y 
know. some other ad for some other product is using the same music. if I see it 
again, I'll give you the details on what product and, if my memory serves me 
well at the time, what the ad looks like. 

Biggest Grammy Award 
surprises of all time on AOL Music.

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