Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Feb 6 13:42:47 CST 2008

> I think we can definitely say that Amazing Journey ends at 3:23.  

Right, although using the '96 remaster as my example (not the 2-disc 
version that came later) "Amazing Journey" ends at 3:25.

> So, the question is whether 3:23 to 5:04 is Sparks or not.  I say 
> it's not.  

I agree but of course CDs have to have a track break somewhere.
The '96 remaster has "Sparks" starting right after AJ ends (at that
3:23/3:25 mark).  Push comes to shove, I have no problem with

But heaven forbid we should forget that the transition phase itself 
has two parts!  Using my '96 remaster again as a template (?) AJ
ends at 3:25 & the jam in "E" (confirmation on that, anyone?)/
Gatorade 2 part lasts for 1:02 before the key change/OX bubbly
bass lines part which then lasts for 0:39 seconds, giving way to
the pretty part of "Sparks" proper.

For accuracy (ahem....) a third part should be added to the transition
phase: the little build up part after OX's bass lines but before "Sparks"
proper begins.

Let's gather all this data & recap:

0:00 - 3:25  "Amazing Journey"
3:25 - 4:27 "Transition Pt. I - Jam in "E"/Gatorade
4:27 - 4:56 "Transition Pt. II - Key change/OX bubbly bass lines
4:56 - 5:06 "Transition Pt. III - Little build-up before "Sparks" proper
5:06 - 7:10 "Sparks"

The 7:10 length corresponds closely to Jim's earlier CD version which
has a time of 7:08.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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