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Wed Feb 6 10:29:49 CST 2008

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> I agree that the Gatorade G2 theme is the transition part, but I think the
> transition part is an official part of the studio version of Sparks,
> that's where the track begins on the CD. Just what we need in between Who
> projects: a minutia debate!

Well, on my original (pre-remaster) CD, the songs are combined on one 7:08
long track.  Amazing Journey lasts for 3:23, then this transition phase
begins (this is where the G2 ad jumps in).  At 4:25, the transition changes
to a heavier version of the same melody.  Then, at 5:04, what we can all
agree is definitely Sparks begins.

I think we can definitely say that Amazing Journey ends at 3:23.  So, the
question is whether 3:23 to 5:04 is Sparks or not.  I say it's not.  It just
sounds like the transition between two things, not the start of something.
If I were putting 'Sparks' on a mix CD for someone, I'd start it with the
first bass line of the main melody at 5:04.  (of course, it would only be
2:04 long!)

Jim M

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