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Tue Feb 5 12:08:42 CST 2008

>Scott Schrade
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>> I remember your post Scott.
>Thanks, Mike.

You keep cryin' like that and you'll get dehydrated and need some of that......Gatorade G2!
<the actual product>

Yeah, I caught that commercial too.  It *was* pretty cool.
And, I remembered Scott's original post too.....mostly because I remember he *just* beat me to the punch.

Quick side snowboarding story...
Slithering through the trees to make my way over to a closed run (top was ice encrusted) full of untracked powder.
As usual...listening to my "All Who....All the time!" MP3 player.  Tune was Fortune Teller from LAL...getting near the end of the song.
*JUST* as I'm exiting the tight trees onto the run, I hear chatter, and kind of freak out a bit thinking I'm about to get hit by an out of control skier or something.  I convulsed and braced for impact!
No skier.
It was Pete.

He friggin' scared the shite out of me with his post Fortune Teller chatter!
I literally laughed out loud and then told Pete "Damn, Pete, hold it down!"

Ok, back to your regular program....
Kevin in VT

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