[Oddsandsods] Pete's Amp

Bruce bkawak at charter.net
Fri Feb 1 13:13:49 CST 2008

> Press release at:
> http://www.musicgearreview.com/buy.php?SKU=487174
> A 50-watt version of the amp designed to the same specifications as the 
> amp used extensively by Pete Townshend of THE WHO. Based on the Custom 50, 
> the CP-504 features more gain and a more responsive Bass and Treble 
> control network.

Of course Pete never used a Hiwatt 50 watt amp. :)  He used custom 100 watt 
amps CP103s.known as "Super Who 100s."  However with the 50 watt costing 
$3299 I guesss very few could afford a 100 watt version. :)


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