Kennedy Honors Observations

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Dec 31 04:15:06 UTC 2008

Rachael was in many of the shots and looks very much like Babs, IMHO.

Roger looks like he could be some some character on a Poseidon Adventure
remake.    Pete looks like he could be Ivor The Engine Driver or be
on Shiny Time Station.       I hope I get old before I die!

The Who's bio was really distorted with the editing-down process.  They
kind of skipped the 70s, 80s and 90s and made mention that Pete
ran out of songs.   Whaaaaa?    Brian Cady was probably having a baby with
all the inaccuracies..    What did the narrator say happened to John?   I
can't remember.... something like lost his way...  Geez!

Funny how W is honoring Pete and Rog, especially after W used
Won't Get Fooled Again at a rally and later that week Pete calling
him the C-word...      Funny that!

The only commercial I'm enjoying is the American Express spot.

Joe in Philly - Happy New Year.

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