Lennon Song for Christmas

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Tue Dec 23 16:55:33 UTC 2008

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mbailey at netsoltek.co.uk writes:

> Is that a Christmas joke?  If it was, I very nearly missed it.  :-)

unintentional I guess. ha!  I meant basically that the soundtrack is alot 
better than the movie. the raveonettes "christmas song" (and no, not a version of 
the nat king cole gem) is a must hear, as well as the charms (in my view, the 
best rock band out of boston since aerosmith) doing "frosty the snowman". 
both compilations have stevie van zandt in common, but even if they didn't, I'd 
still recommend them both. 

you won't have to wait 'til next year, you can get the disc now if you wish. 
probably after christmas, the price will be cheaper. ha. 

anyway. seems cliche by now, but to everyone on the list, have a great 
holiday! whatever it is you're celebrating. : )

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