Skip Kid....

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Tue Dec 16 13:55:54 PST 2008

 >/ I wish I could have heard it.
     /If (when?) a torrent becomes available, I'll hook you up!

I wonder if Pete played that break-part with the feedback
and then the fretboard run....

Slip Kid....imagine that.  

Cold and snowing here in the Philly burbs...

Good thing that..." I got my vacuum flask full of hot tea and sugar" 

Who writes lyrics about stuff like this anymore?

Then there's those layered exchanges between the old man
and the slip kid.   So great.    I love how Pete writes that
call and response.    Tommy is full of it where we get to
see what's happening in the outside world, and then we
hear/see from Tommy's perspective...   Real Good Looking Boy
is like that too.    So creative.

Joe in Philly

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